Professionell partner för digital eventhantering - eventsystem, eventhantering, event management Stockholm, Göteborg, Sverige

We are a dedicated team that is extremely proud of the long customer relationships we have.

We all work actively with our customers based on our respective roles as project and production manager, IT specialists, sales and business management.

“-The best thing about my job is the daily customer contact with the buyers,” Johan Olsson, project manager and employee since 2004.

“-We all act in a constantly changing world. If you work with digital functions for event management and customer communication, this becomes even more obvious. Change is our normal mood, and it challenges us and our customers every day,” Anna-Lena Bümming, COO and one of the founders.

“-My team and I are passionate about making our customers even better. Anyone who wants to contribute with expertise, knowledge and commitment is always welcome to contact us,”
Nicklas Utgren, CEO and one of the founders of the business.