Professionell partner för digital eventhantering - eventsystem, eventhantering, event management Stockholm, Göteborg, Sverige

What we do

We provide event systems and professional services for the private and public sector.

Our scalable offer gives our customers the opportunity to optimize their internal organization and at the same time grow in the various projects.

What we want

We want to optimize our customers’ output from their efforts around sponsorships and events using our services and products. With our specific expertise and experience, we want to contribute to efficient use of resources such as money, time and labor.

We stand for quality, service and security and we are dedicated to continue to develop and improve the business and our customers’ competitiveness.


Evitbe wants to contribute to a sustainable social development and a better environment. We continually review our operations from a sustainable perspective and work actively to reduce the company’s direct and indirect environmental impact, as well as to develop employees’ awareness and commitment.

Responsibility and quality are key words in our business. Without sacrificing quality, we strive for choosing products and services that have a minimal environmental impact. It is of importance for us to encourage our suppliers and partners to operate in line with our environmental policy.


We began to systematize and digitize event management in 2004 with a long and deep experience from business relations, IT systems and event production.

Since the start, we have been guided by the belief that the best customer relationships are the ones that last over time. We are convinced that the business functions must have the same starting point.

WM-datas founder Hans Mellström with Viamare Invest invested money and experience that gave us the opportunity to build a solid system for communication and event management.

We have given large companies the prerequisites for securing processes and branding with central control and decentralized usage.

In 2009, Evitbe AB was acquired by Addnode Group (publ), a listed IT group that digitizes society. We work within the Process Management division.