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ICA 100 years

During the anniversary year the entire ICA has celebrated with customers, guests and employees with the theme “ICA 100 years and onwards”.

The celebration brought together more than 7,000 employees on seven occasions in Stockholm, Helsingborg and Gothenburg. ICA traders and external partners were invited to seminars, exhibitions and festivities.

”- We were very pleased with our previous own developed event system but choosed to go with Evitbe in 2015. Evitbe won our appreciation for its combination of features, design and personal service. Today we use all features frequently and have been able to develop the interaction in our events as well as increase the quality even further. This was proven more than well during our intense anniversary year 2017. We are really happy with everything we can do and how neat it gets”, says Anne-Christine “Skrållan” Karlkvist, Project Manager ICA Event.