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All Tools in One Place

Until now ATG has been the only gambling company that has been authorized to offer betting on horses in Sweden. With the mission to promote the trot and canter sport, ATG has generated up to 2 billion a year to equestrian sports. When the new gambling legislation came into force on January 1, 2019, ATG now offer its customers sports and casino games in addition to betting on horses.

The collaboration with Evitbe is part of ATG’s development of working with digital channels to reduce costs and communicate faster and with higher quality. The tools are used during the Elitloppet, the Horse Gala, the National Day Gala and the Sales Awards, as well as in internal meetings and kickoffs.

A clear effect of the collaboration is that one can follow up on which customers and employees who receive information and offers – and who actually take part of them – while at the same time visualizing and controlling their costs.

”- We need an experienced partner and supplier to match our visions and plans regarding how ATG will further develop its work in communication and events. At Evitbe we have all the tools and skills in one place,” says Pontus Gille, ATG’s Event & Sponsoring Manager.