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Evitbe’s EventApp is easy to manage.
You build the app in a couple of minutes and then select which features you want to use.


The design of the EventApp is based on the sender’s your graphic profile to enhance the guest’s experience. Choose between having a menu with icons or a link menu. You will find a large selection of icons and symbols appropriate for the app’s content in our icon library. And our users say that it has excellent usability.

Late changes

Updates are effective as soon as they are saved. It is easy to keep information up to date and to make last minute adjustments.


Send the app via e-mail och text message. The guest clicks on the link to the EventApp and can choose to bookmark the app on their homescreen. The EventApp can also be presented as an URL or QR code on a screen, if your recipients are unknown or random by-passers, e.g. in Almedalen or at a fair.


The app works on all devices with a browser. It’s a mobile web app which means the guest doesn’t have to download anything from App Store, Google Play or equivalent. The EventApp can be distributed in several different ways – choose the way that best suits your activity and target group.

Perfect platform for the Leadership program

“The Leadership program is ongoing during one year, and then takes on new forms at the same time as new groups join. We chose the EventApp as a platform for both information and interaction within the group. For us, it’s important that the information stays within the group. Here we let our future leaders present themselves as individuals, share comments and photos from the meetings, solve tasks and report answers and goals. Of course, we have a lot of practical information about the agenda, location, FAQ and much more. Always accessible, easy to change and update – and a great tool for us organizers to visualize the work.”

Helen Karlsson, HR Director Process Management Addnode Group

Tips & ideas
– successful ways to use the EventApp

Communication platform

  • Video from the event host to welcome the participants
  • Communication platform before, during and after the event
  • Communication platform for a product launch, reorganization, staff offerings or company relocation
  • A mobile intranet that is easy to access and administer
  • Create a corporate network to share ideas, meeting agendas and important posts within the closed group
  • Launch of new products and services to a sales organization (video, ppt, product sheet)

Interactivity and networking

  • Let participants share opinions through discussion boards
  • Ask questions and share views with the speakers on stage
  • Let your guests describe their experience, or a specific topic with a word to create a WordCloud. Project the WordCloud in real time and watch it emerge on the backdrop
  • Ask questions to your participants through LivePoll, our mentomete. Project the results on the stage screen or view the answers directly in the app. The purpose may be to get to know your participants and create discussions at the meeting
  • Participant lists with profile picture, company, e-mail, LinkedIn profile etc. to present and make participants available to each other.

Sharing is caring

  • Share practical information in order for staff or participants to get to know each other better
  • Encourage participants to upload photos from the event and view them in an image feed, real-time ImageBoard on stage and/or in the app
  • Have the staff take selfies and present themselves with a short text. The selfie pictures can be projected in real time as a large collage on a screen or monitor
  • Share documents, experiences and tasks with each other in, for example, leadership training
  • View Twitter feed and other social media


  • Internal meetings and kick off
  • Inform participants about groups, teams, seminars or seating to streamline the event
  • Publish pictures and biographies of speakers
  • Publish one or more agendas and link speakers to each program point
  • Publish news with text and images as an RSS, news feed
  • Tickets and location information gathered on ”My Page” to facilitate effective attendance registration o


  • Quiz challenges individually or in teams, in order for participants to look for information and interact with each other


  • Spread information by letting participants tip a colleague through an app feature


  • Analyze real-time visitor frequencies
  • Smooth Live @ event view to control interactive features at the event
  • Moderator mode to view incoming audience questions
  • Monitor messages from participants with the possibility to hide posts

Some of the features of the EventApp

  • Agenda, program
  • Image stream
  • Tickets, vouchers
  • Seating
  • Share with a colleague
  • Participant lists with pictures, contact details, LinkedIn
  • Discussion forums
  • E-mail documents directly from the app
  • Workshop groups
  • Information
  • Contact, maps & find your way
  • LivePoll/Mentometer/Voting
  • My Page
  • News feed, RSS
  • WordCloud
  • Pre-reading and links
  • Present partners & sponsors
  • Q&A
  • Quiz, individually & in teams
  • Real time updates
  • Selfies & Groupies
  • Ask questions to the stage
  • Speakers with images and biography
  • Automate publishing
  • Twitter, Instagram
  • Survey
  • Video