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Systematized Event Management

Since 2005, SEB uses Evitbe’s services and systems for event management and communication on a day-to-day basis in all markets and divisions.

SEB’s vision is to deliver world-class service to its customers, in an increasingly digitalized environment that is supported by, among other things, Evitbe’s event system. With centrally implemented design templates and structures, they have a well-developed decentralized and flexible use – while maintaining the graphic identity regardless of where in the organization activities are made and presented.

SEB moves thousands of employees to Arenastaden

“- When we were to move thousands of colleagues to our new office in Arenastaden, we faced a logistic and communicative challenge. Part of the solution was Evitbes EventApp, which acted as our internal communication platform before and during the relocation. In addition to all the practical information we shared, we used the app’s functions for the purpose of getting all staff to get to know each other and the SEB house better.”

“We asked colleagues to introduce themselves with a selfie. The result was shown as a real-time SEB mosaic on our gigantic monitor in the office atrium. With the help of the Quiz, we challenged each other in teams and looked for answers in all possible and impossible places in the house,” says Magnus Wiik, Sponsorship & Event Manager at SEB. The app as a communication platform now lives on even after the move, with a focus on information and personnel offers.

Events are presented in the bank office of the future

”- At the Experience Center at Stureplan, we have created a new concept focusing on personal meetings, guiding in our digital channels, inspiration and education.
We produce several events a week and present our upcoming activities on digital screens and on Of course, we also work with personal invitations.
My team handles the entire event management in the Evitbe system and publishes to digital screens and the website directly from the system. We have an automated process that returns data to SEB’s CRM system.
Together, we have developed the solution and work in the system and really appreciate the good cooperation with Evitbe’s support when we need it,” says Cathrin Uebel, Manager SEB Stureplan.

Efficient event structure for customer meetings

“- We want to produce and deliver the best customer activities. We have introduced a distinct event structure to provide educational events and the opportunity for network meetings for our guests. All activities are always evaluated, and the outcome is continuously monitored for quality assurance and improvement. The cooperation with Evitbe means that we can keep high speed, fast time-to-market, reach out digitally and give our customers a “World Class” experience,” says Mona Yadegari Global Event Coordinator Private Banking at SEB.